Spring Beads Arrive at Pandora Perimeter Mall

They’re in!!  All the new Pandora beads have arrived and we can’t wait to share them.  The colors are vibrant, gorgeous and make a perfect addition to the story of your bracelet.  We have kangaroos, text books, a martini glass and so much more.  All representations of the moments in our lives.  I can’t even begin to list them all but I thought I’d share a few and what better way than with pictures.  Stop by the store and choose yours today….enjoy!

Glass - Candy Cane stripes - Spring 2010

Glass - Candy Cane stripes - Spring 2010

Text books - perfect for teachers, students and anyone who loves to read

Feeling spiritual - The Lucky Man is a great way to show your inner peace on the story of you

Kangaroo, pearls and onyx - Lighthearted, beautiful and timeless additions


Mother’s Day….

Mother’s day is quickly approaching and we’re all excited here at Pandora Perimeter!  We can’t wait to share the new spring beads with everyone, see what you get excited over AND see what fabulous bracelets you all create!!  So tell us, what memories do you look forward to adding to your bracelet?

Pandora Jewelry + Incredible Customers = Memorable Bracelets

Pandora at Perimeter Mall is now open and we’re so excited to be in Atlanta!  We’ve had a great time working with our customers and assisting everyone in designing their unforgettable pieces of jewelry.  And now that spring is just around the corner, we’re looking forward to seeing what amazing designs are created.

We’ve started this blog in honor of you, our customers.  We’ll keep you updated on new events, new beads and even share some fabulous designs.   Stop by, say hello and check out ways to add some stackable rings to your jewelry collection.  Have a great day!